4 Steps To The Perfect Wedding Dress Inspiration Board (2024)

4 Steps To Creating The Perfect Wedding Dress Inspiration Board

It seems easy right? Head to Pinterest, take to the search bar, and start pinning. But there are a few tips and tricks that go into creating the *perfect* wedding inspiration board that not only will relieve some of the headaches that come along with wedding planning, but also help you prepare for a fun and care-free wedding dress shopping experience.

Here are our 4 steps to creating the perfect wedding dress inspiration board before you head out to say yes to the dress at your local bridal shop (or here with us at Charlotte's Weddings!)


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Maybe you’ve been pinning those inspiration photos for your dream wedding for a while leading up to your engagement, but now that your “I Do’s” are officially upon you, you want to start fresh!

Make a brand new board and create sections within that wedding planning board (click into your board → “Organize” → “Create Section”)

Why create a section(ex. Wedding dress, florals, etc) for each part of your wedding planning inspiration? It will help keep you organized and when the time comes to sharing your board with vendors, you can choose whether to share the entire board to give an idea of your overall vision or just a section of it!

And don't worry, if there are pins on your other board you know for sure you want to have, you can always move them to your new board!


Start by doing a general search. Don’t limit yourself during this process as you can always go back and clean your board up later (it’s kind of like writing a paper and going back later to do the fine tuning and editing!)

Start with general searches like “long sleeve wedding dresses” “ball gown wedding dresses” “lace wedding dresses” or even just “wedding dresses” to get an idea of the different styles and see what catches your eye!

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Tip: Keep finding yourself drawn to a specific style or detail? Click on one of the pins and scroll down, it will show you other pins similar to the ones you’re loving!


Once you’ve made your appointment at a bridal shop (or are in the process of deciding who you’d like to make an appointment with), visit their Pinterest page! They will most likely not only have their boards organized by designers, but have boards for different styles of gowns as well as photos of their real brides so you can get a feel for the styles they carry!

Visit our Pinterest page here!

Don’t forget to take a peek at their bridal collections page on their website, you will usually be able to create a wish list directly on their website or even pin the gowns you love from their website to your Pinterest board!


“But isn’t it helpful if I only pin things on my board that have all of the details I want my gown to have, won’t that make my stylists job easier”

The short answer? No!

Two things happen when you only pin things you think your gown HAS to have:

1.You limit yourself.Can you be drawn to a certain silhouette or style? Absolutely! But what happens when you only pin dresses thatexactly fit a long list of all of the finer details? You may find yourself feeling limited. The truth is, there may be a small selection of gowns that check every single box, BUT, there are A LOT of gowns that have a combination of details you love or are drawn to. Start with the silhouette and work your way out to the details!

That’s exactly what an inspiration board is for, inspiration, so don't box yourself in so much that you feel like you don’t have options!

2. Dresses sometimes look (and feel) different on

And guess what? That’s OK! It actually happens more often than brides talk about!

If you think you want one style or silhouette and put it on and realize it doesn't make you feel like a bride, your dress search doesn't end there! You can still have that feeling you've dreamt about, it's just waiting for you in another gown and that's why it's important to pin a range of gowns that catch your eye!

Even if your Pinterest board has a bunch of different styles, silhouettes, and details, your stylist can recognize patterns and feelings within those dresses. She’ll take a look at your board and combine that with how you want to feel and hand pick wedding dresses that tie the details and emotion all up into one package that’s worthy of saying yes to!

Ready to write your say yes story? Book your say yes appointment here!
4 Steps To The Perfect Wedding Dress Inspiration Board (2024)


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